Marina Grassi

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Quality, not Quantity

About Me

I am a Dorper sheep farmer & raise high quality lambs. When we started raising sheep, it began as just buying one lamb for my 4-H project. However, we then brought home three Dorper lambs:  one ewe, one ram, and one wether. From there we wanted to raise these amazing Dorper lambs! Dorper sheep farming is a lot of hard work and planning -- it is not an easy job! With the right sheep, tools and helpful and supportive family and friends, the sheep business is more rewarding than you can imagine! It has been some pretty high highs and some pretty low lows -- but we have gotten through it. We designed an MG Dorper logo and website! My first MG Dorper lambs where born in February 2021 -- the first time mothers are very happy and I love the little babies! I love my Dorper sheep and will continue to add sheep to my flock along with building my business.

Why You Should Join Me

Join the classes to understand how to begin farming and hear a bit of my personal experiences. These classes are packed with farming basics and advanced knowledge.